Make Your Move

Training Course

When? 06. to 15. November 2019

Where? North Germany (Nindorf)

2-3 places open for people with residency in Germany

About the Project

Make Your Move is a project about innovative tools for entrepreneurial youth activation. This is a 9-day training course on using body movement and contemporary dance techniques as a resource and standpoint of entrepreneurship and competence development. It was born in the course of development of this training method and tested in 11 successful training courses (HU, NL, BG, PT).

Many times youth workers, trainers, educator and anyone who works with groups fall in the trap of „losing themselves“, „panicking“ or „freezing“ in front of a group of people. Usually, the ones in front have something important to share, to say or to facilitate for the group. And the groups is there to benefit. Yet, somehow this dynamics of „losing themselves“, „panicking“ or „freezing“ is a common thing.

The insight from where we start is that in any situation and circumstance we are there with our body and mind. If the mind „blocks“ we have the body which is still there and can be the resource that people need in challenging situations like the mentioned. So, we discovered that cross-linked transferable skills can be trained only by using body and what we can do with it when in a setting of presenting, training, coaching, expressing, sending impactful messages. And as trainers and people who work with individuals and groups we found that participation, entrepreneurship, creativity and every competence initiated in our mind is manifested only through our non-verbal, body language. So why not teach and train competences through innovative methods and create powerful metaphors to empower and reveal resources long-forgotten?

More info coming soon…