Imagining the Green future

Environmental strategy and Youth advocacy

Dieses Projekt entsteht im Rahmen unserer Mitgliedschaft im YEE und steht Teilnehmer*innen aus einer Vielzahl europäischer Länder offen. Sprache ist daher Englisch. Geplant sind zwei Training Courses im April und im Juli 2020. Einer davon soll in Deutschland stattfinden.


The aim of the project is:

Contribute to the sustainability of the activities and structure of environmental youth movements and organisations in order to ensure young people’s access to participation in policy making processes.


Objectives of the project are following:

  • To support youth workers and informal groups to create a vision and structure for entering political environment
  • Advocacy for environment – to develop competences of youth workers and informal groups of young people needed to advocate and lobby for environmental policies on local level
  • To support and empower local groups to influence local environmental policies through advocacy and lobbying
  • To create a space for exchanging good practices and learning from each other among youth workers and informal groups of young people